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“Fringe” Sports Odds Are Attracting Bettors and More Interest

Betting Other Sports like Cycling, X Games and Marathons

Top Sportsbooks are offering betting odds on a number of so-called ‘fringe’ sports like cycling, the X games and marathons.  While these sports don’t get the attention from the average sports bettor, they do attract attention from fans of cycling, X Games and marathons.  And betting these ‘fringe’ sports can be very profitable as the oddsmakers are not nearly as knowledgeable about these sports.  Betting odds are on the board at the online sportsbook for all of these sports each year.

Cycling Betting

Cycling betting for most people is all about the Tour de France.  It is the most popular race and the one that gets the most attention.   What is sometimes forgotten is that there are other cycling races throughout the year on the UCI Pro Cycling Tour.  The premier bicycle race on the UCI Tour is the Tour de France that takes place in July. It is a multi-stage race that takes place over three weeks in France.  There are also two other ‘grand tour’ races that are held in Italy, the Giro D’Italia and in Spain, the Vuelta a Espana.  The Tour de France is held in July while the Giro d’Italia is held in May and the Vuelta a Espana is held in September These three races are the ‘Triple Crown” in cycling. Another major race in cycling is The World Cycling Championship also known as the UCI Road World Championships.

When you make a cycling bet you are choosing a rider to win a race or to win a stage. There may also be cycling propositions on a daily basis during the race.  Some of these options include who will be wearing the Yellow Jersey each day, the Green Jersey (total points leader), the White Jersey cycling bet (best rider under 25 years old) and the Polka Dot Jersey (Best in the Mountains).

X Games Betting

When you bet on the X Games it is similar to Olympics betting as the wagering is done on different events.  In each event, you’ll see an option that is priced using the money lines. You could see an athlete like Shaun White posted as a big favorite to win an event like halfpipe.  You will also see athletes listed with big odds anywhere from 10-1 to 50-1 or more. You also might find some props for certain athletes like the number of medals that someone like Shaun White will win. You might also find head-to-head matchups where you can bet on who will place better in a specific event. The X Games take place every year and can be seen on ESPN.  The Winter X Games are held in January or February each year while the Summer X Games are held in August.  The Winter X Games are held in Aspen, Colorado while the Summer X Games are held in Austin, Texas.

Marathon Betting

There are a number of major marathons each year with betting odds on the board at the sportsbook.  You can bet on a runner to win the race with odds that range anywhere from 2-1 to 100-1 or more.  The major marathons that take place each year are the Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Berlin Marathon and the Chicago Marathon.  The IAAF World Championships takes place in odd-numbered years while the Olympics Games marathon takes place every four years.