What Are Your Summer Running Goals? Train for a Breakthrough!

Boston High Performance Series Camp is emerging in the summer of 2015 as Boston’s Premier High School Distance Running Camp.​ With a combination of world class workshops presented by Olympians, NCAA champions,coaches, track and field physical therapists and registered dietitians alongside our camps dedication to progression based training all distance high school runners, regardless of skill level, will complete our session with the tools needed to continue to excel in our sport.

Five vital things to remember before head to the bookie’s!

1. First and foremost, KNOW THE SPORT! It makes no sense to start betting on something if you haven’t invested the time and energy to learn about it. This is no different than any other job, so take the time to learn the ropes. Follow the sport closely and understand the nuts and bolts of the game. This kind of understanding will make it much easier for you to place a bet with a good chance of winning.

2. But it’s not just about knowing the sport. Yes, knowing the rules of the game is crucial if you’re trying to make money from gambling.But if you’re attempting to make of career of it, you’re need to know more than just the basics. Remember to read up on venues, on the emotional state of players and their morale, on statistics, on last minute changes and anything else you can think of!. Morale is something to be considered just as much as skill and sometimes it’s morale that wins a game, so understand as best you can what is going through the minds of players before you consider who is going to win or loss.

3. Know about the gambling industry in addition to the sports you’re betting on. A good understanding of a sport isn’t all that is required to make money. You will want to invest some time learning about how bookies and casinos make the odds. They, like you, are in it to make money and they know what they are doing, otherwise they would be out of a job. Read some books and blogs and talk to people who are professionals about how odds are created and when its a bad or good idea to place a bet.

4. Leave your emotions at home. You may get into betting because you’ve always supported your favourite team in office pools or casual bets with friends. While there is nothing wrong with that, if you’re in it for the long haul you’re going to have to be prepared to leave emotion out of it and know how to work the odds, even when that means betting against your favourite team or athlete. Go on supporting them and having an attachment to them if you must, but a successful gambler isn’t an enthusiastic supporter but rather a scientist, so to speak, who takes a careful and calculated approach to when and where and on whom to bet.

5. Admit when you’re on a losing streak and take a holiday from betting! You might start getting a bit carried away after a couple of wins. There is nothing wrong with celebrating, but don’t let it go to your head. You’ll have to work hard at making money in betting and part of that is knowing when to quit. With every win you should save some money for the next bet. And it’s absolutely vital to understand that you don’t always have to bet. If you don’t have any idea who is going to win, then don’t bet! Only bet when you are relatively sure of what an outcome will be.

Oregon Ducks vs Colorado Buffaloes Prediction

This looks like a potential shootout as the Oregon Ducks (2-2) play the Colorado Buffaloes (3-1). A player to watch in this matchup is the Pac-12’s third-leading rusher, Royce Freeman (450 yards, 5 TDs). It will begin Saturday, Oct 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET and can be seen on ESPN.

Colorado won easily over Nicholls 48-0 last week. Phillip Lindsay had a big game on the ground in the win, rushing for 113 yards and two TDs on 17 carries. Sefo Liufau also had a big game with 227 yards and a TD through the air. Oregon didn’t have the same success as Colorado, losing big to Utah 62-20. Taj Griffin had a solid outing on the ground for the Ducks, gaining 56 yards on two carries.

Oregon is a 12-point favorite in this game and the Over/Under (O/U) is currently unavailable.

The Buffaloes enter the game with records of 3-1 Straight Up (SU) and 2-2 Against The Spread (ATS) this season. The Colorado run game is productive, currently ranking 13th in the nation with 272 rushing yards per game. Transitioning to the Colorado defense, there are a few things to keep in mind when it is on the field. When it comes to defending the pass, Colorado is one of the best in the country, only giving up a completion percentage of 52.5%. One of the keys to the game will be whether the Ducks can protect the ball against the ambitious defense of the Buffaloes, who rank 24th in the nation with 2.2 turnovers per game. The Buffaloes make it hard on their opponents in the third quarter. Colorado averages 11 points during that period, one of the best in the country. Oregon will want to stay focused this week to avoid giving the game away to the Buffaloes. The Ducks are one of the most penalized teams in the nation with 8.5 flags per game.

Across the field, the Ducks have a record of 1-3 ATS and 2-2 SU. Oregon has found a lot of success on the ground. Its 285.2 rushing yards per game ranks 11th in Division I. There is no feeling-out process to start a game for the Ducks, who average 11.5 points in the first quarter. Special teams usually provides a spark for Oregon. They average the most return yards in the nation with 186.5.

Predictions: SU Winner – Colorado, ATS Winner – Colorado


Oregon is 1-4 ATS in its last 5 games.

Oregon is 17-4 SU in its last 21 games.

The total has gone OVER in 4 of Oregon’s last 6 games.

Oregon is 17-3 SU in its last 20 games on the road.

The total has gone UNDER in 7 of Oregon’s last 9 games on the road.

Each team is 2-0 SU when leading after two quarters this season.

Per FBS ratings, Colorado has an advantage in the passing game. Its offensive passing game (ranked 86th in the country) will face the 115th-ranked pass defense of Oregon, while its 44th-ranked pass defense will look to limit the 60th-ranked aerial attack of the Ducks.

Colorado has given up 16.5 points per contest this year, which is ranked only 32nd in the nation. Oregon has scored 42.5 points per game this year and is ranked 13th in all of FBS.

“Fringe” Sports Odds Are Attracting Bettors and More Interest

Betting Other Sports like Cycling, X Games and Marathons

Top Sportsbooks are offering betting odds on a number of so-called ‘fringe’ sports like cycling, the X games and marathons.  While these sports don’t get the attention from the average sports bettor, they do attract attention from fans of cycling, X Games and marathons.  And betting these ‘fringe’ sports can be very profitable as the oddsmakers are not nearly as knowledgeable about these sports.  Betting odds are on the board at the online sportsbook for all of these sports each year.

Cycling Betting

Cycling betting for most people is all about the Tour de France.  It is the most popular race and the one that gets the most attention.   What is sometimes forgotten is that there are other cycling races throughout the year on the UCI Pro Cycling Tour.  The premier bicycle race on the UCI Tour is the Tour de France that takes place in July. It is a multi-stage race that takes place over three weeks in France.  There are also two other ‘grand tour’ races that are held in Italy, the Giro D’Italia and in Spain, the Vuelta a Espana.  The Tour de France is held in July while the Giro d’Italia is held in May and the Vuelta a Espana is held in September These three races are the ‘Triple Crown” in cycling. Another major race in cycling is The World Cycling Championship also known as the UCI Road World Championships.

When you make a cycling bet you are choosing a rider to win a race or to win a stage. There may also be cycling propositions on a daily basis during the race.  Some of these options include who will be wearing the Yellow Jersey each day, the Green Jersey (total points leader), the White Jersey cycling bet (best rider under 25 years old) and the Polka Dot Jersey (Best in the Mountains).

X Games Betting

When you bet on the X Games it is similar to Olympics betting as the wagering is done on different events.  In each event, you’ll see an option that is priced using the money lines. You could see an athlete like Shaun White posted as a big favorite to win an event like halfpipe.  You will also see athletes listed with big odds anywhere from 10-1 to 50-1 or more. You also might find some props for certain athletes like the number of medals that someone like Shaun White will win. You might also find head-to-head matchups where you can bet on who will place better in a specific event. The X Games take place every year and can be seen on ESPN.  The Winter X Games are held in January or February each year while the Summer X Games are held in August.  The Winter X Games are held in Aspen, Colorado while the Summer X Games are held in Austin, Texas.

Marathon Betting

There are a number of major marathons each year with betting odds on the board at the sportsbook.  You can bet on a runner to win the race with odds that range anywhere from 2-1 to 100-1 or more.  The major marathons that take place each year are the Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Berlin Marathon and the Chicago Marathon.  The IAAF World Championships takes place in odd-numbered years while the Olympics Games marathon takes place every four years.